History / Background

Alma Products Company was founded by E.E Tracy in December 1943 under the name of Tracy Detroit Manufacturing Company. The goal of the company was to assist Ford Motor Company in producing  service parts, as the Ford plants were so crowded with war work that they did not have sufficient space or available workers to operate the machines necessary for their passenger automobile manufacturing. At the time, car owners were unable to get the parts necessary for their vehicles, such as clutches, discs, and timing gears.
Alma Products was originally located at the Redman Trailer Plant site in Alma, Michigan, and by 1948, relocated to its current location of 2000 Michigan Avenue under the name Alma Piston Company. In 1960, the company would undergo one more name change, Alma Products Company, which it has been ever since. Over the years, Alma Products has supplied parts to companies worldwide including Ford, Navistar, GM, Chrysler, Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Case New Holland, AutoZone, Pep Boys, Visteon, Daikin, Valeo, Fenwick, etc.
In 1998 Alma Products Company was acquired by a private equity firm, and along with RECON and ATCO became part of the JAAI Group of companies.  In 2006 the JAAI Group became ETX. 
In 2007 ETX launched a new product line:  Remanufactured Automatic Transmissions.  Since this launch, Alma Products Company has become a leader in the remanufactured automotive transmission industry.  Alma Products supplies both heavy duty and light duty remanufactured transmissions to a broad range of customers.
In 2014 Alma Products Company was acquired by the Transtar Holding Company.  Transtar  Industries is the global leader in transmission and drivetrain-related solutions. Transtar Industries is dedicated to providing its customers with outstanding service, offering the broadest product catalog and best-in-class distribution of quality OE and aftermarket parts and premium remanufactured products.
With over 70 years of history in both automotive original equipment and remanufacturing, Alma Products Company continues to meet original equipment and aftermarket customer quality, service, and delivery requirements with high levels of satisfaction. Alma Product's goal is zero impact to the environment with an environmental strategy of remanufacture, redesign, reclaim, recycle, and reduction of impact. Alma Products is the largest industrial supplier in Gratiot County boasting 200+ employees. In April 2012, the Detroit Free Press Awarded Alma Products as a Michigan Green Leader for sustainability through Remanufacturing.

Product Coverage: Transmission, Transfer Case, AC Compressor, Brake Calipers, Motors, Torque Converters, Engines

Models Offered:  Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Mining and Aviation applications covered..

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